Stimulating the vital links between handwork and the mental development of children

We offer : New online interactive lessons – So are ideal for home school groups

A logically presented series of modules combining geography, science, history, general knowledge, handwork, problem solving and data gathering and interpretation.

Work in online groups of 15 to 30 covering theory combined with highly practical projects and experiments to therefore keep kids totally involved in the lessons. Each lesson is backed by comprehensive notes and a prior – delivered practical kit to supply any unusual requirements. Kits and notes therefore make the lessons as self contained and convenient for parents, as possible.

Also, get the kids together, see our series of practical camps and day outings – See outings and camps

Outings offer a unique opportunity to participate in highly practical  educational activities: Map work,orienteering, astronomy, outdoor science activities, minerals and rock collecting, geology basics,

For schools: A range of  practical geography and science resources. Includes : mineral and rock sets ; demonstration models

To order, or for school quotation, please mail Barry at:

In support also practical hand projects with u tube lessons 

Three introductory topics are offered to start:

  1. The solar system
  2. Modeling Landscapes
  3. Working With Clay

You can purchase a kit containing all materials or assemble your own materials and then subscribe, on the website to a link with the integrated lesson and work plan. As the kids complete a project others will be added for purchase. Topics to follow will build onto the project theme and increase in difficulty and skill application.

Why is handwork important for developing children?

As a highly practical educator, with over 30 years experience, I believe that one of the major deficiencies of the modern education system is the lack of learning by kids, through handwork. This problem is further compounded by a home environment filled with by TV, gaming devices and even outsourced home chores. Today, for the first time in history, kids are expected to develop without almost no handwork activities to develop their full mental potential.

Education Support thus offers an opportunity, through our handwork projects, to encourage kids of all ages to use their hands and minds in doing handwork. We believe that handwork not only stimulates a healthy brain development but encourages: patience, improved concentration span, improved problem solving abilities, lateral thinking, and an overall sense of pride and achievement.

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We are a family orientated education support organization offering educational courses, outings and other educational services to parents and their children.

The main theme followed through all courses is to learn geography through science and science through geography

On offer:

Hands on practical work in:

  • Earth Science
  • Astronomy
  • Model Making
  • Basic science
  • Outings + tours
  • Tailor made requests
  • Atmospheric science
  • Working with maps
  • History
  • Photography
  • Family outings

All products are structured in support of curriculums being followed as well as being a means of stimulating and motivating kids through a knowledge of God’s wonderful creation.