Course Costs

Course costs: Online lessons: 2021 

 Courses are divided into modules, each module contains a number of lessons which are charged at only R120 per lesson per kid . An additional once off R25 will be charged per module towards practical materials. The average lesson is 4 hours , including 2 breaks. Lessons are all practically centered with much of the material being included in the lesson cost. Prior to a module being presented parents will be supplied with a a practical kit containing  most of the materials required for the module project.  Once a group is assembled to do a module, kits will be dispatched via courier to a number of central locations for collection by parents ( The courier cost is also part of the module cost if most of the kits can be sent to a central location)      


 In order to run a module we require a group of minimum 15 kids or maximum 30 kids. Once the group is assembled kits would then be supplied, notes e mailed. Suggested ages for participation start at 8/9 years to 15 years. As these are practically orientated lessons , kids would be totally involved on their end and is suggested that home schooled parents participate with their kids, at least until they are able to work on their own.

 Group discounts.

 As these courses are aimed at home school families and groups, discounts will be considered for families with multiple kids participating. These will be based on the group size and numbers of kids per family. Based on the needs, we will do our best to accommodate all situations on an individual basis. 

Setting up a group

As these classes are offered mainly to home school communities, it is suggested that parents discuss the common group interest prior to contacting Barry Bryant:. Once a set of modules is identified we can then discuss: The day, times, ages and any specific needs of the group. We will also then advertise the module to add extra kids if needed or cater for a smaller group that wished to join.

Additional advantages to  the online lessons: Optional group outings and camps.

As the online environment restricts contact between the members of the group we feel it is important to offer an opportunity for kids to get together now and then. These outings would be an optional practical extension of the online classes. They could take the form of day outings or even a camp ( See the section on outings and camps) For those outside the Johannesburg area, in other major areas,.  it may be possible to arrange a series of practicals ( a camp) at some point: Cape Town, Durban ect ( Can be discussed and planned)