Frequently Asked Questions

We are usually asked about:

How young can kids start?

Generally this is up to the parents but ideally I think that 5 could be a good point if I am offering a junior class. For most of my starter classes however I feel a mature 8 is a good place to start

From what religious perspective do you teach?

As a Christian ,I acknowledge God and his creation in all that I teach. I am sensitive to
doctrinal differences between families as I believe that this should not be a source of
conflict between believers.

Will kids receive credit for their courses?

I am aware that many have portfolios therefore I would be , on request, totally happy to give you a documented report on the classes and topics covered by your child. I want to support the home school parents in any and all ways possible.






Will you teach in Afrikaans?

Yes I will teach in both but will definitely make sure that the correct terminology is
given to Afrikaans speakers. Notes will be in English as much preparation has been
done in English. Generally however courses are very practical in nature and notes
made up of more diagrams.

Do you give notes?

Very definitely. Short but comprehensive notes are given which must please be retained as they form part of the modules to be completed in the future.

Will you repeat a course offered?

Yes if demand exists and the group size is adequate. As seen from the program I have
already repeated course options if I think they will be popular before moving on to the
new set.

Do you supply photographs?

I can look at that option and put a small set together covering the course for a small fee.

Can parents sit in?

Parents are welcome to join in if they wish to. More recently though, I have begun to believe that it is vital that parents join their kids in the classes as much as possible. This helps parents to follow the progress of their kids. In addition parents also receive a lot of subject knowledge being part of the class.

Can families participate?

Yes I welcome family participation and in fact try to have as many whole family outing
opportunities as possible.