Geography Models for Schools

Aim: To provide detailed model resources for teachers teaching geography or science.

For teachers: Practical geography demonstration models and group projects

For Learners: Practical model project kits. These will be custom packed for individual schools.

To order: All demonstration models or learner kits are made to order. Please e- mail Barry Bryant with a basic order request at: He will then contact you to arrange your order according to your requirements. See the list below for models and projects available.

Specialized geography outings and camps also available to be custom designed for schools: See brief details at the end of the section.


Teacher resources/ learner kits – Geomorphology and geology

1 – Mineral and rocks sets for class activities. Three set options:

A – BOX OF ROCKS: Suggested primary  or junior high level classroom sets

B – Advanced: Suggested high school/ teachers or ammeter interest

C – Comprehensive high school classroom sets  


A – BOX OF ROCKS – (By Nick Norman)

Set of the 12 major rock types (+7 Supplementary samples) with book describing their formation and occurrence + high quality hand lens. With complimentary rocks, set contains 19 pieces. Normal price R295. For schools: Up to 4 sets – R250 per set. 5 Sets and more R220 per set dependent on a private industry subsidy to be based on the level of interest in terms of numbers. Postage: Add R120 per order for up to 25kg. Orders delivered to your door via courier within three days of sending.

B – Advanced mineral and rock set

80( But in fact around 120) specimens divided into: Basic minerals, Igneous rocks, Sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. Will include the book, BOX OF ROCKS, as well as a booklet giving detailed descriptions of each specimen as well as many basic mineral lab  experiments, cross referencing questions, hand lens, maps and more. Normal price R1190. For schools: Up to 4 sets R850 per set. 5 sets and more R750 per set. Postage: Add R135 per per order for up to 25kg ( About 4 sets or 16 boxes). Order will be delivered directly to your door via courier

C –  Comprehensive classroom student sets.

This is a 40 piece set laid out in two boxes. The first box contains examples of the main rock forming minerals followed by samples of most of the major igneous rocks. Individual minerals can be studied and then seen in combination in the igneous rock samples. The second box contains the major sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. The set also contains: a sediment sample for study, a 10 x magnifier, detailed descriptions of each sample as well as a copy of the book , BOX OF ROCKS. Normal price R750. For schools: Up to 4 sets R650 each. 5 sets and more R595 each. Add R135 to your order for direct delivery to your door. Delivery within 3 days from sending

2 – Fold mountain and rift valley simulation model ( Teacher resource). Price R750

This model uses the colored sand provided, to enable teachers to create stunning simulations of the complex processes involved in the formation of fold mountain belts or rift valley structures. The kit contains the sand, mixing containers and all parts and instructions needed for the demonstrations. Additional oxides can be supplied so you can make more colored sand as you require it.

Watch a complex fold mountain structure form in front of you

All hand mad

Watch how tensile stretching creates a stunning rift valley feature

3 – Structure of the earth model: New model 30cm diameter ( Teacher resource) – R1250

Amaze students with this realistic , layer by layer model earth. Focus points include: Layered structure, emphasis on mantle structure and mantle plumes. Diameter size around 300mm.

New model will contain a lote of cross section detail on type of plate boundaries and cut the earth West to East and not North to  South.

All hand made

4 – Deep level mine model ( Teacher resource) – R1250

Use this detailed, easy to assemble and disassemble, 3D model to help your students understand the amazing structure of a deep level mining operation. This aid is perfect for the grade 11 section on economic geography and will be supported by a small booklet containing all the facts , figures and interesting extras on the South African deep level mining industry;

Deep level mine structure

Some of the surface features associated.

Watch how tensile stretching creates a stunning rift valley feature

5 – Geological time line (Teacher resource) – R750

This 4 meter long time line divides geological history into the 12 months of the year. Major SA geological highlights are noted as a stark reality check on the immensity of time. This chart will be accompanied by a booklet with many interesting facts and alternative ways of seeing geological time and putting mans existence into perspective.

6 – Plaster model landscape kits (learner projects) – R85 per individual kit  as part of a group kit ( 4 kits in a box to share)

These kits offer unparalleled opportunities for learners to build detailed landscapes. Can be used to illustrate land forms and for mapping projects. Kits contain all materials to build and then paint a detailed landscape. This project would need to be packed specifically accordingg to individual school requirements.


Skeleton  to covered landscape

7 – Glass overlay set with black and blue pens ( Teacher class room resource) – R185 per set.

A must for any map work and understanding of contours. Also ideal to prepare learners for the plaster landscape project.

Astronomy Demonstration Models

8 – Seasons and phases of the moon model ( Teacher resource). R1250

This kit will include a custom made rotating earth earth, to demonstrate angle of tilt and seasons. It will also include a one directional light to represent the sun as well as a set of moons to demonstrate the moon phases. In low light conditions this model provides very realistic results.

9 – Solar system model build – Learner activity project – R175 per individual kit

Learners will love this highly detailed scale model solar system. It offers a unique opportunity for learners to undertake a highly practical exercise to produce a precise scale model of the sun and planets of the solar system. Can be combined with the outside scale walk through the solar system. Also allows for kids to take home a finished project to be proud of.

10 – Comparing the sizes of stars ( Teacher resource). R525

This model offers a unique perspective on just how small our sun really is when compared to some of the larger stars in our galaxy. This model is ideal as a demonstration model to be shown after the completion of the learner solar system models which emphasize the size of our sun compared to the planets of the solar system.

Other Teacher Resource and Learner Projects

11 – Cloud model. Learner build kit. R65 per individual kit

This practical project offers an paralleled opportunity to combine highly practical work while learning to , not only identify clouds, understand their unique differences. Once again the packing of the individual packs can be custom made for individual schools. Individual projects or group projects.

12 – Portable furnace ( Teacher resource) R2575

This resource, although not for the fainthearted, will certainly make your learners sit up. For the section on economic geography dealing with the iron and steel industry as well as links to science, this demonstration model is wonderful. The working furnace will include: The furnace, lid, air tube, fan, stand for the fan, crucible, some charcoal, scrap aluminium,a pair of thick gloves and long handled grip for the crucible, all instructions and experience needed to run it.                                    

13 – Stages of landscape evolution: All models are custom made: Hand painted ( Teacher resource)   – R1475

These models resources can take take many different forms. Example: The 3 models displayed here illustrate the uncovering and emergence of the Magaliesberg ridges. These models contain examples of: superimposed drainage, river capture, headward erosion, differential erosion, inclined strata and erosional  processes.

All hand made and painted. Produced from a mould     

More projects will be added as they are brought up to a production level. 

14 – Specialized geography outings for schools

Having an advanced knowledge of geography we are well equipped to also offer some amazing educational outings for your learners. All outings are fully academic in nature with notes, exercises and practical work combined with the usual fun side as well. Day trips as well as camps can be arranged and will be tailored to your school requirements: Following is a list of some of the outings: Transport would be organised by the school.

  • Day outing – Cross JHB geology/ rock and landscape identification. 2 Routes possible
  • Day outing – JHB dome to the Magaliesberg cable way – Rock and landform identification.
  • Day outing – Pretoria Salt Pan – Meteorite impact study
  • Day outing – River study: Klipriviersberg Nature reserve
  • Day outing – Power Station and Water purification plant . Talk at school prior to visit
  • Camp – 2 nights Parys – Map work, orienteering, Asteroid impact story, astronomy, mineral and rock identification, science experiments, the story of rockets ( rocket launch) ++++

Day outings will be charged at R95 per student, includes lunch notes – entrances extra. Minimum of 30 learners

Parys 2 night 3 day camp, based on 30 learners, R875 includes camping , meals, notes ect

If you wish to order or enquire about any service please e mail Barry Bryant directly at for a quotation, invoice or to have projects custom tailored for your school.