Practical outings and camps

At Education Support we specialize in practical , hands on, learning. What better way to test your students knowledge than a highly practical camp or day outing. Transport is not included in the cost

A- Camps.

Exciting 3 day /2 night group camp. Starting with Parys ( World heritage site)                                                                           For home school groups (FAMILIES) ,schools, church groups ,  ect. Price R750 per student.( 2019 R875 per student) Includes two introductory lessons (required) prior to camp to impart some of the skills to be used as well as get to know and inspire the kids. All will be mid week camps ( Tuesday to Thursday). We will provide tents for students. Teachers , parents will be accommodated indoors if they wish ( R200 per night per bed or R50 pp camping . Food R200 pp for the camp) . Minimum student group of 30 required. Optimum 30 to 40. Student price includes all camp and food costs. For schools: one staff member or parent, per 15 kids, will be accommodated free as part of the camp cost. For home schools, additional adults ( Parents) will pay accommodation and food only. All camps include: Lectures, walks and hikes, practical field work, fun activities, competitions, swimming, demonstrations and much more. The idea is to give kids the full camp experience, from pitching tents to appreciating a dark , star filled sky.

Parys: Geological wonderland. Booking open for 2019                                                                                                                  Based in the world heritage site this camp is hosted on a private farm 5 km from town. Educational themes covered include:

  1. image009Vredefort impact structure study: rocks, land forms
  2. Mapping and orienteering: 1:50 000 maps
  3. Mineral and rock identification. Understand, collect 8 samples in the mapped area.
  4. Earth movements: day/night, seasons using a special model under a dark sky
  5. General astronomy and sky watching
  6. Size of the solar system walk
  7. Volcanoes – Visual experiments, day and night
  8. The science of rockets ( science and rocket launch )

Other activities: Group games, swimming, stalk the lantern, treasure hunt, competitions.








Magaliesberg: A mountain paradise.(In planning as a follow up camp to Parys)                                                                        This camp is based in a nature reserve on the Northern Slopes of the magnificent Magaliesburg. As a follow on to Parys educational themes followed on this camp include:

  1. image001Geological and landform study walk. Looking at evidence in the rocks.
  2. Cable car ride back down
  3. Landform studies: Inclined strata and landforms
  4. Micro-climate study: data collection/recording and interpretation. Mt and valley climate.
  5. Mapwork: 1:50 000 maps and photographs exercises from the top.
  6. Science theme: The science of light and photography ( practical exercises in the area)


Other activities: Group games, swimming, stalk the lantern 2


Suikerbosrand: The Highveld biome as it once looked. (In planning as a follow up camp to Parys)                                        This camp is based at the resort inside this spectacular, peaceful reserve. Educational themes on this camp include:

  1. image005A study of the relationships between: plant types, soils, slopes and micro environments
  2. Hike across this magnificent area looking for evidence supporting our study
  3. Science: Understanding the electromagnetic spectrum and how we see stars – Optical astronomy
  4. Practical photography workshop and exercises




Other activities: Group games, swimming, competitions. night orienteering.


B – Day outings

A series of full day practical outings in the Johannesburg/Pretoria/Parys areas. All outings have a dedicated educational theme and can easily be custom altered for specific school requirements. The aim of these outings is to expose learners to the wonderful outdoor classroom. All outings will test learners theoretical knowledge in a practical way. Ideal for a school work project as learners are required to complete practical tasks for their workbooks. Ultimately the aim is to have fun while learning!!

Cost: Local outings based on 30 minimum of learners: R95 including lunch( Hot dog and cool drink).

  1. Grade 11 river study in the Klipriviersberg Nature reserve. Look at the start of a river system and one of the source streams. Study types of flow, rates of flow, calculate the gradient of the stream. See an example of a 1st order catchment area.9 Lunch)
  2. Cross Johannesburg land-form , rock and geology study.
    Start in Southern JHB and end in Fairland. Lunch at Emmarentia
  3. Tswaieng Meteorite crater. Build a dry ice comet, understand meteors in the solar system. Finally walk into a real meteorite crater.
  4. Parys day outing. Visit the world largest known asteroid impact center. Study and collect samples before a nice swim and lunch.
  5. James Hall Transport museum.Learn how transport systems influenced the growth of cities. End off with a treasure hunt through this fascinating museum.( Lunch)
  6. Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens geology display garden: talk + practical orienteering exercise. ( Lunch)
  7. Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens: Practical photography talk and shoot. Lunch
  8. Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens: Geology walk over the top. Lunch at the waterfall.








The year that was 2018

Friday 09 November – Johannesburg to Magaliesberg practical outing  – Final outing for the year                                          

This is our end of year family outing to study the rocks, geology , landforms and spectacular scenery of this route. We end the trip with a ride to the top of the Magaliesberg via the cable car service. May consider adding an overnight stay in the area for those interested so we can walk the spectacular back route of the Magaliesberg on the Saturday morning. Cost R100 per kid , class fee, Entrance to the cable way: About R100 per scholar and R130 per Adult ( This is a group concession) Any overnight would be advised later.