Outings 2017

Dear parents

Please find details for outings on offer during 2017. Many of the outings form part of course programs running in Midrand, Henley n New class Johannesburg. However other families are welcome to join in for the outing.

Friday 24 February – Sci bona Science experience. 9am to 1:30pm.

We start with 3 arranged presentations: Visit the stellarium or  planetarium for a tour of the night sky and solar system. Build your own plane sphere . Science talk and demo on the Greyhound project – world land speed record attempt. We end with a science treasure hunt doing experiments to find answers and clues. Cost R100 per participating kid + R25 entrance kids, R45 entrance adults.

Thursday 16 March – SA weather service in Centurion Pretoria – Times – Still to be confirmed 10:30 am to 1pm.

This visit involves a background look at the complex systems of data gathering and interpretation for our daily weather forecasts. Cost R100 per participating kid. This forma a major part of our practical studies on weather and climate


Saturday 25 March – Visit to Tswaing Meteor Crater. 8am to group picnic , say 2pm.  Saturday so dads can come                              

Lying about 30 km North of Pretoria this is one of only three such sites in the world. We will start with my talk and demonstration on meteorites and comets. Kids will then build their own comets before we all walk to look into the crater. Group picnic lunch to conclude. Cost R100 per participating kid, + entrances ( I think R15 kids R25 adults)

Friday 12 May – Visit to the Council For Geoscience core sheds in Eastern Pretoria + visit to the Sammy Marx Museum.

This visit forms part of our class geology practical as well as a practical history outing. These outings are combined as this helps to consolidate transport costs as well cover practical aspects of both history and geography themes being studied. Cost R100 per participating kid + entrance to the Sammy Marx Museum ( Around R45 pp)

Friday 26 May – Haatebeeshoek Radio Astronomy – 1pm to 8pm.

This is a one of kind visit done in the shadow of the giant radio telescope. We begin with my detailed talks and prep for the evening on telescopes and satellites. We then do group activities and tour with the facility staff. The day ends with supper and night star viewing. Possible to also see the laser range finding facility operating at night. Cost R100 Per participating kid + entrance ( around R45 kids and R60 adults)No extra charge moms or dads

Friday 09 June – James Hall Transport Museum – 9am to 1pm

Join us for a visit to this unique museum of transport. Our theme is: How changes in the systems of trnasport influenced the development and growth of modern cities. After the talk and slide show and break, kids will undertake a crossword based treasure hunt, learning about transport and the history of Johannesburg as they go. Cost: R100 per participating kid + R10 pp donation entrance

Friday 23 June: Voortrekker Monument Pretoria. Times 9am to 2pm

An in depth study of South African history cannot be complete without a visit to one of the most important monuments to South African history. I will do a full background history of the Voortrekkers before we carry out a thorough of the monument and surroundings. We will have a picnic lunch at Fort Klapper Kop. Cost: R100 per participating kid + entrances to the Monument

Friday 25 August – Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens – Orienteering and geology group practical. 9am to 2pm                     This outing forms a major and essential part of our mapwork and orienteering class. Kids will have the opportunity to test their theoretical skills in a practical environment. This garden also offers a unique opportunity to test some practical geology skills. During the morning we will carry out a topographical map exercise followed by the orienteering treasure hunt and break. We will end with a short rock identification exercise before a well deserved picnic lunch.


Saturday 09 September – Geology , North to South through Western/ Central JHB. 9am to 3pm                                            

Be amazed at the evidence seen at 6 site locations regarding the geological history of JHB and surrounds. Kids can test their knowledge on rock types and collect samples. Beautiful views of Johannesburg will be visited. Cost R100 per participating kid. Rocks to identify , samples to collect and pictures to take.


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Friday 22 September: Tentative date: History of JHB – Visit to Northwards in Parktown and Braamfontein Cemetary

Join us for an unforgettable visit to one of the Mansions built by the Randlords on the Parktown ridge. The visit forms part of our practical history class and our study on the discovery of gold and the founding and growth of the city of Johannesburg. Our visit toi the Bloemfontein cemetery is aimed at looking at the origins and stories of the early residents of the city. Cost R100 per participating kid + R40 pp for Northwards Entrance.

Wednesday 11 + 12 October. Parys outing and overnight camp  

This camp serves as an opportunity for kids to carry out detailed and thorough practical exercises in: mapwork, orienteering, geology and astronomy. We will all meet on the morning of 11 October and move as a group to Parys for our 2 day stay on a farm outside the town. Kids will camp and parents can overnight in the chalets on site. Costs: These are still being finalized but should be R150 per kid for the class fee. R50 camping + food. Other prices will be available in due course.

Friday 24 November – Visit to the CSIR Laser research unit as well as Melrose House Museum or the TVL museum of Natural History in Pretoria  – 9am to 3pm.

On this outing we will combine a look at the cutting edge scientific research carried out at the CSIR. This will be followed by a final practical history outing to complete our story on the history of Pretoria and the life and times of its people. Cost R100 per participating kid + entrance to the museums. Details to follow

Other outings

Please note that I will also be advertising some Saturday outings via Jozi Kids. These would be repeats on some of the geological outings done over the last two years. JHB to Magaliesberg, Parys asteroid impact geological, cross JHB geological

Also looking to organize a visit to a working steel plant for an older group of kids