Box of Rocks – A basic rock set with book and magnifier.

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Basic rock set to study and identify the major rock types

You will get
20 rock samples.
The Book: Of Rocks by Nick Norman
A 10 x magnification hand lens for close up mineral study


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This product is now available. Rocks, their identification and their collection, are one of the most spectacular and fulfilling hobbies to have. As rocks are the building blocks of of the landscapes that make up our world,a knowledge of how to identify different rocks is therefore one of the important starting points for identifying different landscapes.

This kit introduces kids to the basic rock types and to the physical and mineral differences enabling us to identify them. Included will be 20 of the most common rocks as well a basic book as an introduction to rocks as well as a professional hand lens to give you a close up view of the mineral structure of the different rocks.

This will form the start of your collection and knowledge


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