Intro to general rock forming minerals and their identification + Samples of the three major rocks types


Intro to rocks and their identification kit is aimed at teaching about the different rocks and how to go about identifying, collecting and organizing them.

You get: Over 80 mineral and rock samples.

Comprehensive notes, experiments, maps, diagrams

A 10 x magnifier and book: Box Of Rocks

Price does not include postage of R100 Counter to counter through Postnet

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Product Description

This product  is now available. Intro to the general rock forming minerals as well as the three major rocks types formed from these minerals serves as a much more advanced follow on to and companion of: Box Of Rocks

This product set is more advanced and will contain at least 24 common rock forming mineral examples as well as samples of the three major rock types. In addition this set will contain a set of comprehensive notes on the  the formation of minerals, how to identify them as well how to test for different minerals. Also included will be a set of test exercises aimed at sharpening your skills. The three sets of common rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic are chosen with the purpose of identifying their constituent minerals and therefore understanding how minerals make up these rocks. This set also contains a magnifying glass and book: Box Of Rocks. Will also contain suggestions for collecting and expanding your collection as well as ways of logging and recording your finds

This set is aimed at the more advanced young mind or armature collector and will go a long way in helping you to understand the amazing world of minerals and rocks .



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