Intro to model landscapes – planning +drawing on glass overlays

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Glass overlay set with pens and notes to be used to understand and draw contour lines representing three dimensional landscapes.

This product is only available if collected or delivered within Johannesburg and surrounds due to the weight. Delivery will be by arrangement or R100 for special delivery

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This product consists of a set of 8x , 4mm to 6mm glass sheets 250mm x 250mm. Also included are two non permanent markers for drawing as well as a full note explaining the drawing of landscapes using contour lines. The combined notes contained in this set as well as those contained in the ‘ Intro plaster model landscape starter box’ will help you to understand the use of contour lines on maps as well as how different land forms are drawn using contours.

Pre drawing  your intended landscape model using the glass overlays will enable you to see the whole project in three dimensions before you undertake the actual construction.


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