Intro to the identification and collecting of tumbled stones

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Polished gem stones. Learn to identify, collect and organize your collection of polished gem stones.

Set will contain a chart showing 54 tumbled stones and a set of up to 20 to start with. As you travel you can collect and fill your chart

Set will accompanied by a set of comprehensive descriptions, origins and interesting facts on each

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This product is available from mid November. Tumbled stones, their identification and collecting is a popular hobby for many kids and adults alike. Not only are they attractive but can form the basis for identifying many common minerals found. This knowledge also helps in the identification of rocks.

This set will include at least 20 stones to start , a fairly comprehensive chart for visual comparison as well as a set of notes explaining the origin and significance of each of the stones on the chart.

You spend many a happy holiday visiting places where you can add to and complete your set. All the time learning more and more about the wonderful minerals making up our earth’s crust.


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