Intro to mineral identification and collecting – coming soon


Intro to the identification, collecting and understanding of common rock forming minerals.

You will get 

18 to 24 common starter minerals.

A set of notes on ways of identifying minerals by their physical and chemical attributes

A set of simple tests and exercises


Price does not include posstage of R100


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Product Description

This product will be available from mid November. Minerals , and their collection, are one of the most spectacular and fulfilling hobbies to have. In addition minerals are the building blocks of the rocks that make up our world. A knowledge of how to identify different minerals is therefore one of the important starting points for identifying rocks in general.

This kit introduces kids to minerals and to the physical and chemical properties enabling us to identify them. Included will be 18 to 24 common minerals as well a set of comprehensive notes, simple physical and chemical tests as well many exercises aimed at sharpening your identification skills.

This will form the start of your collection and knowledge


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