Intro to Model Landscape Building – excl. materials – video lesson only


Learn to build accurate plaster landscapes.

Involves learning about contours and land forms. Building and painting designed produced landscapes.

You will receive:

  • downloadable lesson notes
  • a  video tutorial
  • and information on what materials you will require to complete this project
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Product Description

 Materials you will require and roughly where to get them

  • Polystyrene sheeting ,20mm thick – For base and skeleton – Local hardware.
  • Nails or wire to affix the skeleton – hardware shop.
  • Wood glue – hardware shop.
  • Unbleached calico material to use as covering  – material shop.
  • Plaster of paris – 2 to 3 kg  – Hardware store.
  • Acrylic paints: base paint (Sahara about half a liter) then for detail: blue, green, black, white, yellow, tan ect – Toy or hardware.
  • Some oasis ( for flower pots)  – Hardware or florist.
  • Paint brushes: 2cm wide, thin and thin pointed. – Hardware or art shop

Tools: some first aid gloves, scissors, Stanley knife( not included in kit)