The Solar System incl. Materials ( 3x) + Video Lesson Links


Excludes R100.00 postage

The Solar System includes all required materials

Build a detailed scaled down model of our solar system.
Involves accurate measuring, scale calculations, making a sun and planets, painting correct colors, accurate assembly and labeling.

You will receive:

  • Downloadable lesson notes
  • 7 video tutorials
  • and model building materials for 3 full models
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Product Description

The Solar System project box contains a comprehensive set of all the material required to design, build, paint and present a detailed scale model of our Solar System. The box contains materials to build three identical models which makes ideal as a family group project.

In support of the materials you will also receive a video playlist of lessons which cover the facts and details as well as detailed instructions and procedures for building your model.

Also included are notes and diagrams which will be e mailed as part of the project