About Education Support

My name is Barry Bryant, founder and principle educator within the organization. I graduated from Wits University in 1984 with majors in Geography and History. I then went on to teach Geography at Roosevelt High School for 19 Years.

During my teaching career education and the need to motivate kids in particular, became my passion. Thus in addition to teaching, I presented programs at the then ‘ Gifted Child Centre’ aimed at stimulating children’s interest in subjects such as: geology , astronomy,materials technology ect.

During my 19 years of teaching visits and tours became a major tool in my educational program. I carried out hundreds of tours, visits and outings to factories, mines and in fact all parts of South Africa and Namibia. Finally between 1999 and 2008 I ran educational excursions for foreign exchange students while studying for my national tour guide badge, which I obtained in 2009. I began the current program starting January 2011

I teach from a Christian perspective, always mindful of my responsibility to remind kids of the wonderful work that is’ God’s Creation ‘.